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In this Excel tutorial, you will learn all the tips, tricks, shortcuts, functions, and formulas you need to be an Excel power user. This free Excel course is designed specifically for spreadsheet users who are already performing professional financial analysis and financial modeling or are looking to prep for a wall street career. Take this Excel Crash Course now to advance your career!


Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a software program produced by Microsoft that allows users to organize, format, and calculate data with formulas using a spreadsheet system. This software is part of the Microsoft Office suite and is compatible with other applications in the Office suite.

MS Excel Full Course

What Will I Learn?

  • Improve MS Excel Knowledge
  • More Simpler and easy to use
  • Easy to Get Job Opportunity
  • Certificate After Completion

Topics for this course

121 Lessons19h 5m 10s

MS Excel Basic

Lecture 1 MS Excel Basic Introduction00:13:19
Lecture 2 Excel Common Functions and Formulas in Hindi00:13:58
Lecture 3 How to Protect Excel Workbook and Worksheet with the help of Password00:10:17
Lecture 4 How to Make Password Protected Excel File00:6:17
Lecture 5 How to use Freez Panes Function in Excel in Hindi00:8:12
Lecture 6 Personalizing the Enviroment Using Backstage00:13:28
Lecture 7 Printing Configuration in Excel in Hindi00:8:35
Lecture 8 Conditional Formatting in Excel in HIndi (Part-1)00:10:18
Lecture 9 Conditional Formatiing in Excel in Hindi (Part-2)00:9:05
Lecture 10 Conditional Formatting in Excel in Hindi (Part-3)00:9:00
Lecture 11 Conditional Formatiing in Excel Min and Max Value (Part-4)00:10:22
Lecture 12 Conditional Formatting in Excel in Hindi (Part-5)00:11:19
Lecture 13 Data Validation in Excel How to Create Drop Down List In Excel in Hindi00:12:11
Lecture 14 How toUuse IF Function in Excel in Hindi00:7:46
Lecture 15 How to Use Nested If Function in Excel in Hindi00:9:50
Lecture 16 How to Create Bill Using IF Function in Excel in Hindi00:12:27
Lecture 17 How to Use AND Function in Excel in Hindi00:7:41
Lecture 18 How to Use OR Function in Excel in Hindi00:7:49
Lecture 19 How to Use IF With AND Function in Excel In Hindi00:9:37
Lecture 20 How to Use SUMIF Function in Excel in Hindi00:7:11
Lecture 21 How to Use MAX and MIN Function in Excel00:7:12
Lecture 22 How to Use MAX with INDIRECT Function in Excel00:7:30
Lecture 23 How to Use MIN with INDIRECT Function in Excel in Hindi00:7:36
Lecture 24 How to Use RIGHT and LEFT Function in Excel in Hindi00:5:42
Lecture 25 How to Use MID Function in Excel in Hindi00:6:08
Lecture 26 How to Use CONCATENATE Function in Excel in Hindi00:4:47
Lecture 27 How to Use ROW and ROWS Function in Excel00:5:35
Lecture 28 How to Use COLUMN and COLUMNS Function in Excel00:5:33
Lecture 29 How to Use DATE, DAY, MONTH, YEAR Function in Excel in Hindi00:7:25
Lecture 30 How to Use TIME, HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND Function in Excel in Hindi00:7:12
Lecture 31 How to Use NOW and DAYS360 Function in Excel in Hindi00:5:35
Lecture 32 How to Use HYPERLINK Funtion in Excel00:8:27
Lecture 33 How to Use Conditional Formatting in Excel in Hindi00:6:55
Lecture 34 How to Use Conditional Formatting in Excel in Hindi00:7:14
Lecture 35 How to Use DSUM Function in Excel in Hindi00:9:01
Lecture 36 How to Use DGET Function in Excel in Hindi00:8:29
Lecture 37 How to Use DMAX Function in Excel00:6:42
Lecture 38 How to Use DMAX Function in Excel in Hindi Part 200:6:33
Lecture 39 How to Use DMIN Function in Excel in Hindi00:6:18
Lecture 40 How to use DMIN Function in Excel in Hindi00:5:46
Lecture 41 How to Use Count, CountA, CountBlank, Countif Function in Excel00:10:26
Lecture 42 How to Use REPLACE Funtion in Excel in Hindi00:7:41
Lecture 43 How to Use Find Function in Excel in Hindi00:7:29
Lecture 44 How to Use CHOOSE Function in Excel in Hindi00:6:31
Lecture 45 How to Use LEN Function in Excel in Hindi00:4:16
Lecture 46 How to Use ISODD Funtion in Excel in Hindi00:5:56
Lecture 47 How to Use CONVERT Funtion in Excel in Hindi00:7:22
Lecture 48 How to Use ISEVEN Funtion in Excel in Hindi00:5:01
Lecture 49 How to Use ISTEXT Funtion in Excel in Hindi00:4:56
Lecture 50 How to Use ISNUMBER FUntion in Excel in Hindi00:5:14
Lecture 51 How to Use ISBLANK Funtion in Excel in Hindi00:3:47
Lecture 52 How to Use TRIM Funtion in Excel in Hindi00:5:28
Lecture 53 How to Use SUBSTITUTE Funtion in Excel in Hindi00:6:03
Lecture 54 How to Use MATCH Function in Excel in Hindi00:7:14
Lecture 55 How to Use MATCH Funtion in Excel in Hindi00:7:35
Lecture 56 How to Use INDEX Funtion in Excel in Hindi00:5:50
Lecture 57 How to Use INDEX with MATCH Function in Excel in Hindi00:6:05
Lecture 58 How to Use INDEX with MATCH Function in Excel00:5:41
Lecture 59 How to Use INDEX with MATCH Funtion in Excel00:5:31
Lecture 60 How to Use INDEX with MATCH Funtion in Excel00:9:01
Lecture 61 How to Use ISERR Funtion in Excel00:3:58
Lecture 62 How to Use IFERROR Funtion in Excel00:4:28
Lecture 63 How to Use LOOKUP Value in Excel00:5:51
Lecture 64 How to Use VLOOKUP Funtion in Excel in Hindi00:6:52

MS Excel Advanced

MS Excel Tips & Tricks

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Hello, this is Vky Malik. I am a YouTuber and I am having more than 7 Years of experience in different projects in Tally and Excel Macro, Computerized accounting, and Video making are my passion. I Am an Expert in Tally ERP 9 & Microsoft Office, I Have Been Teaching for More Than 5 Years And I Delivered Various Tally ERP 9 Basic & Advance and Microsoft Excel Training Programs. I Hope That You Will Enjoy My Courses. I hope my course proves to be of great benefit to the students. Qualification: M.Com, Accountant Training Expert, YouTuber
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